Tudor Place Time Travelers

Travel back to the 1800s at Tudor Place and see how different daily life was. What type of clothes did people of the past wear? What did they see on a typical day? Do we still eat similar dishes and play the same types of games?  Tudor Place houses over 2,000 objects to help us understand what life was like before electricity, running water and modern conveniences. Campers ages 9-11 will discover how life varied for the residents of Tudor Place and explore the ways historians use objects to discover details about day-to-day roles and noteworthy events. Participants will dig into archaeology, explore the history of Tudor Place and make their own time capsules.

Snacks provided. One hour of before and/or after care is available for $10/each. If you would like to register your child for before and/or after care, click here

After registering for camp, you will receive an email with required registration and safety forms.